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Exclusive Breastfeeding Lowers the Risk of Allergies by Dr. Robert Sears

How Does Exclusive Breastfeeding Lower the Risk of Allergies? Medical research is very clear that exclusive breastfeeding lowers the risk of allergies. Allergic disorders are caused, in part, by an unhealthy digestive system and imbalanced intestinal bacteria (called our normal flora). The establishment of normal, healthy flora is one important key in developing a healthy immune system and preventing allergies.             Colostrum (the first few days of breast milk) has numerous healthy components that prepare baby’s intestines for digestion and establish a healthy and balanced immune system. Breast milk is uniquely suited to be easily digested, it contains healthy probiotic […]

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Lucy’s Boobie Story: Family, Babywearing and Nursing in Public

I never had to think much about breastfeeding.  My mother breastfed my older sister despite a poor latch and through a frightening hospitalization. After several months of repeated rejection, she gave up and gave in to bottles, knowing she’d done everything she could to nurse. When I came along two years later, I was born hungry (not much has changed). I latched on and didn’t let go. She called me a barracuda with my strong suckling mouth. This is how it’s supposed to feel, she realized. Seven years later she breastfed my little brother long enough for him to ask […]


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